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CO LLC Key Terms

Annual Report (aka Period Report) - A form provided by the Secretary of State through which each domestic and foreign LLC annually provides or updates certain information required by the laws of Colorado.

Articles of Organization -
A document that is used to form a Colorado Limited Liability Company and which sets out essential initial information about the CO LLC.


Assumed Name - The name, other than the actual LLC name, under which a CO LLC does business.


Capital Contribution - The total amount of cash and the fair market value of any other assets contributed to the company by a member.


Manager - A person, who may or may not also be a member of a manager-managed LLC, that is granted the authority to manage the CO LLC's business.


Member - A person or legal entity that owns a CO LLC interest.


Membership Interest - An ownership right in a LLC consisting of financial and/or governance rights in the company.


Operating Agreement - A legally enforceable contract that governs relations between the members of the CO LLC.


Registered Agent - A person or legal entity in Colorado that is designated to accept service of process for a CO LLC.


Registered Office - The street address in Colorado of the registered agent for service of process.


Series LLC - A new form of LLC which allows the owners to create separate series of ownership within one LLC. Currently not available in Colorado.


Single Member CO LLC - A CO LLC which is owned by a single person or entity.

Statemet of Foreign Entity Authority - A document that must be filed by a foreign LLC before the LLC may legally transact business in Colorado.

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