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Legal Advice at the Speed of BusinesSTM from a Licensed Attorney – Right here in Colorado

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Author: Michael Smith Date: July 24, 2013
Legal Advice. Entrepreneurs are bombarded with flashy television, web, radio, and print advertisements for do it yourself business formation services. But behind the style there is often very little substance. Why? Because do it yourself document preparation websites and legal software programs are not able to give legal advice, nor are they licensed to do so. For the ...
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Author: Michael Smith Date: July 19, 2013
In Colorado, the LLC has clearly become the entity of choice for entrepreneurs, considering that 76% of new Colorado businesses are formed as LLCs. The strength of the Colorado LLC statute (CO Limited Liability Company Act) and the capability to insulate business owner’s exposure from personal liability remain the primary reasons for the LLCs popularity in Colorado. The LLC also pro...
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