1.      Legal Advice: If you are considering forming your Colorado LLC online, legal advice should be your primary consideration. There are hundreds of websites that claim they can form your LLC for you in Colorado, but none of those companies are based here in Colorado nor can they offer you legal advice during the formation process from an attorney licensed to practice law in the Centennial State. Simply put, when forming an LLC in Colorado, there is no substitute for professional legal counsel from a state licensed attorney.

2.      Efficiency: In today’s internet age, it is easy to see that E-Commerce has made life more efficient and convenient for us all. The average person shops online, banks online, books airline flights online, purchases movie tickets online, and even looks for houses and cars online. The web allows consumers to conduct their personal business from the comfort of their own home (or on their smart phone) at a time that is most convenient for their busy schedule. At www.RockyMountainStartup.com , our website gives potential clients the tools to learn about LLCs and form their company at a time of their choosing. We do not believe that clients should have to schedule a meeting weeks in advance to meet with an attorney. Business owners cannot afford to wait several weeks for an appointment, because every day of waiting is another missed opportunity to gain new customers. We believe that the business formation process in Colorado should be quick and easy so that you can get out there in the marketplace and build a successful business.

3.      Flat Fees: With a fixed budget for business start up capital, entrepreneurs have to have predictable legal fees, especially in a challenging economy. If your LLC formation expenses are unknown (due to the “I don’t know how much this is going to cost you until I am done” billing model), making other critical decisions regarding where to spend your capital resources becomes much more difficult. That is why our legal fees for Colorado LLC formation and Colorado Trademark registration are fixed and predictable. No hidden fees and no unexpected bills in the mail. We also believe that our flat fees are very reasonable considering the services that we provide. Sure, you could always easily spend more to meet with an attorney in their office and you could go the bargain basement route by using an self-help online document preparation website (which would not include legal advice and would include a disclaimer the size of the average novel explaining that you are not, in fact, receiving any legal advice). Or you could use our system and pay a reasonable flat fee for a professionally prepared Limited Liability Company or Trademark.   


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