The Colorado Limited Liability Company or LLC, has become the most dominant type of legal business entity in the U.S. and in the State of Colorado. The LLC is a hybrid business entity which combines the legal liability protection of a Corporation with the pass-through tax structure of a partnership or sole proprietorship. The liability protection, organizational flexibility, and simplified LLC tax structure have overwhelmingly made the LLC the entity of choice for business owners. Below is a link to an article in the Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law by Rodney D. Chrisman, J.D., entitled LLCs Are the New King of the Hill. The article is an empirical study of the number of new LLCs being formed in the United States. I had the privilege of being one of professor Chrisman’s students during law school, and I owe him many thanks for sharing his vast knowledge of LLCs with me. 

LLC Article by Professor Chrisman

Professor Chrisman concludes his LLC research by stating, “A great revolution has occurred in business organizations law. The LLC has replaced the corporation as the most commonly formed new business entity in the United States. The revolution has occurred quickly and appears to be continuing as LLCs become increasingly popular every year.” Statistics for Colorado Limited Liability Company formation concur with Professor Chrisman’s findings. 76% of all businesses formed in Colorado select the LLC over the Corporation. The LLC has clearly established itself as the King of the Hill in Colorado and beyond.


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